The Fleet Booze Hound Blues Band sing songs of redemption... love lost and found

We pay tribute to the greats; channelling Hendrix before he died, Clapton before he gave up drugs, Mama Cass before the sandwich got her!

Toby 'Wailing Black' Jackson

Toby "Wailing Black" Jackson

Wailing Jackson has been a blues man since before he could walk. We have a sneaking suspicion that his first words were "hoochie coochie". If you cut him he would bleed blue, but please don't because we love the wailing guitar licks he is famous for.

Alan 'Blindboy Fullton' Clark

Alan "Blindboy Fullton" Clark

What he might lack in eyesight he more than makes up for with a vocal howl that takes you back to the 50's greats. Throw on some raucous harmonica riffs that blur the lines between rhythm and melody and Blindboy quickly becomes the beating heart of the Booze Hounds.

Lucy 'Storm Byrd' Bosher

Lucy "Storm Byrd" Bosher

Our Storm Byrd brings some much needed glamour to an otherwise scruffy group - and boy can she sing! She's a true, all-round performer and will have you up on your feet dancing one moment before leaving you blissfully lost in her lyrics the next.

Jon 'Loverboy' Hill

Jon "Loverboy" Hill

The mark of a good blues bassist is to lead from the back - to drive from the passenger's seat - and the Loverboy does just that. He also brings a sprinkle of the Motown sound to our bluesy roots. Just don't ask where he got the nickname!

Rowan 'King Littlefoot' Burke

Rowan "King Littlefoot" Burke

Last but not littlest is our royal rhythm man. Give him a pair of sticks and something to sit on and Littlefoot will shuffle, skiffle and syncopate with the best of them. He's our swinging engine room. All hail the King!

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